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Arch Contemporary Ballet – Fall Season-Costume designer Merve Oztemel

“A company that truly breaks the mold.” – DANCE INFORMA MAGAZINE

“A compelling conversation to watch unfold.” – THE HUFFINGTON POST

“A rising pioneer for ballet and music…” – DANCE MOGUL MAGAZINE


“A company that is pushing boundaries” – THE PHILLY INQUIRER

Arch Contemporary Ballet, in its mission to launch ballet and music to an inclusive 21st century audience, presents a triple bill of world premieres by Artistic Director Sheena Annalise, for three performances at The Sheen Center Friday, November 18th – Saturday, November19th at 8:00 pm. “A rising pioneer for ballet and music”, Annalise’s bold and distinct style challenges the past and launches into the future with new pointe work, new music, and new ideas about what ballet can be. All of ACB’s works are choreographed in silence before commissioning original music scores from various genres and music artists. The three works will debut all with original music scores from 21st century artists

Young Blood//World Premiere “Young Blood” shares the stage with a youth orchestral ensemble in a sprightly, effervescent, and upbeat tone, as dancers play on the dynamic of being forever young in this free spirited work. Plated//World Premiere A dynamic and fluid duo in ‘Plated’ represent keeping up an image of being seemingly happy in life, based on social media expectations today, but as their gold dipped bodies entangle themselves the façade chips away suggesting the dancers are merely gold ‘Plated’. A saxophone commissioned score accentuates the mood.

Replica//World Premiere The finale ‘Replica’ illustrates how we live in a culture where everything is replicated or reproduced and explores the value of an original object. Incorporating 3D printed costumes designed by Merve Oztemel, an EDM score, and a 3D motion capture backdrop in real time sets the temperature of a 4D optical illusion with sharp lines and intricate body shapes. Performance Schedule: November 18th 8:00 pm Purchase Tickets November 19th 2:00 pm (Autism Friendly performance) Purchase Tickets November 19th 8:00 pm Purchase Tickets $25 General Admission, $35 VIP includes an autographed poster for your added contribution.


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