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3D Costume Designs for a Arch Contemporary Ballet ‘Replica’

Arch Contemporary Ballet collaborates with renowned 3D Print designer Merve Oztemel on costume designs for a new ballet work ‘Replica’. I got to preview this new ballet and I was mind-blown, ACB is the future of ballet. They are not just a ballet company – they are music moguls, fashion trendsetters, tech savy artists, and last but not least, they are a new generation of ballet. Artistic Director, Sheena Annalis e’s vision is unparalleled.

Merve Öztemel 2 sezon boyunca New York Arch Contemporary Balesinin Kostümlerini tasarlamıştır. Kostüm tasarımlarını yaparken 3D Yazıcı kullanarak aksesuarlarla kostumleri tamamlamıştır.


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